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Prayer request from our Burmese Brethren partner church:

1. May God use the world (the EU and Western countries, including the UN) to properly deal with Myanmar's problematic situation, with the goal of returning to the previous stability before the military seized power and the country. We know that Myanmar cannot be freed from this terrible dictatorship without the help of God and through the world community.

2. the needs of the slum dwellers are worse than before because the second "pandemic" (the present situation after the coup) is even more terrible than the actual pandemic (Covid-19) is. So please pray for their basic daily needs such as food (kitchen items) and health care.

3. pray for those who are participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) as they resign from their offices and duties or abandon them altogether. Because they have participated in this movement, they have been kicked out or evicted from government quarters (their houses or apartments where they live) and have lost their salaries. They are in great trouble.

Pray for the release of the President, State Counselor (Aung San Suu Kyi) and other leaders who have been arrested and detained.

5. pray for God's protection for HelpMy projects, teachers (educators) and church planters. We hope that the current situation will not affect them.

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